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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Getting Started

How do I sign-up for a free trial?

Go to gwapps.com and open the Contact Us page. Use the form there to request a free trial and we will contact you shortly afterwards.

Where do I find videos on how to use GWApps?

Just go to the Home page and review the articles in the Getting Started and Tutorial topics.

Development Tips

How can I control deployment?

All applications in GWApps deploy when they are created. There is no separate deployment step.

If you want to have a review step where IT gets to approve the application before is it “deployed” to the users, you can implement this via application security. As a user does not see an application they have not been given access to, deployment really just becomes giving users access to the application. Using this approach you would have a policy that new applications should be created with just the developers and a defined list of IT users having access. Once the IT staff have signed off on the application, the real users are added to the application.