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April 26, 2021 Release

New Releases & Recent Updates – April 26, 2021

New Email Notification application settings > There are new app settings that allow you to control your application’s notifications. The three options are:

  • Production Mode: While the app is in Production Mode, all emails will be sent to the users selected in the email template recipients settings (standard).
  • Turn Off all Emails: This mode prevents all emails from being sent, including all workflow and scheduled email actions.
  • Test Mode: While the app is in Test Mode, any email notifications sent from workflow actions or triggers will only be sent users designated below this setting.
New Releases & Recent Updates - April 26 Notifications

Checkbox Limits Added (Min / Max) > Added a new option in the Checkbox Field Properties that allows you to limit the number of checkbox field options that can be selected.

April Release Checkbox Properties

Anonymous Forms Mobile Update > Anonymous forms now display multiple buttons when on mobile, instead of having to select the arrow to see more than one button.

PDF Page Break > You can now add page breaks to your PDF Templates.

Updated on May 11, 2021
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