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Views: Dashboard & Creating Views


A view is a table or list that displays selected data from application records, usually in a predefined sorted order. Your email inbox is an example of a view.

The view editor allows the developer to create any number of different views. Views show only the fields the developer selects, can filter records to only those that match a specified field value criteria, and can be set to display to only certain application Roles.

An App Designer can access the Views Dashboard, where they can create and edit App Builder views, by clicking on the Views button from the left side navigator.

Views Dashboard

The views dashboard shows all available views for the current application. An App Designer can create and update them from here.

Views Dashboard

Each view tile also has the following buttons:

Item Description
Click on a Tile Info Panel – Displays the right side information panel, with summary information about the currently selected view.
Delete – Deletes the form from the application.
Edit – Opens the form in the Form Editor

Creating a New View

To create a new view, click on the + New View button at the top of the View Dashboard.

New View Dialog
Item Description
View Name Enter the name of the new view.
Description Enter a description for the form, help clarify its purpose.
Select Form Select the form whose records should display in this new view.
Click to close the dialog and cancel the new form creation.
Click to close the dialog, create the new form, and be taken to the form designer with the new form loaded.

Next Steps

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Updated on August 6, 2019

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