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Form Fields & Components: Text Area

A multi-line text entry field. The Text Area field does not allow text formatting like the Rich Text control does. Typical usage examples include: Description and Comments.

The default look of the Text Area component
Text Area Field

Text Area Field Properties

Setting Description
Basic Tab / General Settings
Display Name
Field Help Text
See General Field Features
Basic Tab / Validation Section
Maximum Allowed Characters Enable to set a maximum number of characters. Displays the following two fields when enabled:
   Max Length Enter the desired maximum number of characters.
   Message to show users Enter the text to display when the user entered value has a higher number of characters than the Max Length value.
Basic Tab / Format Section
Text Format Select from:

  • None
  • Lower Case – All characters are made lower case
  • Upper Case – All characters are capitalized
  • Capitalize Word – First character of each word is capitalized
  • Capitalize Paragraph – First character of each paragraph is capitalized
Remove Extra Spaces Enable to have duplicate spaces, two or more spaces in a row, removed from the field text.
Advanced Tab / Concatenation – See below, or see Concatenation
Advanced Tab / Conditional Visibility – See Conditional Visibility

Concatenate Text Options

Allows you to combine the text of several text-like fields together with a separator character or characters between the values, e.g. State field, a space, and the Zipcode to give “CA 12345”.

Concatenate Text Options
Text Area Concatenation
Setting Description
Field Name Select the desired field from the list, or select Custom and type the desired text into the field.
Spacer Select an option from the list, or select Custom and type the actual desired spacer text into the field. Defined options are:

  • space
  • underscore
  • dash
Delete Row Delete this row. Only available for rows three and above.
Add New Field Adds a new Field Name field at the bottom of the list, and adds a Spacer field after the prior Field Name field.

Usage Example

Text Area Usage Example
Text Area Usage Example
Updated on May 11, 2021

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