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Sample Surveys Template

This app is designed to be a starting point for creating different kinds of surveys, and to demonstrate useful features to help you create your own survey. Explore the surveys and their features, and then either edit a survey to fit your needs or create a new form and build your survey from scratch.

The three surveys included in this app are:

  • Patient Satisfaction Survey: This is a single page survey with multiple sections. Included with this survey is a reporting page, with pie-chart widgets for viewing answers.
  • Student Experience Survey: This is a Stepper style survey. There are only two steps here, but using the Stepper form layout allows you to create any number of steps. This form also includes a ‘Save Progress’ feature, allowing users to save their progress and return later. Finally, this form also includes a ‘Random Drawing’ opt-in incentive for completing the survey.
  • Customer Feedback Survey: This is another single page survey. It only contains one section, and contains a mix of free-text answers and radio button answers. This survey also includes a ‘Thank you’ email that sends on submission to the email provided on the survey.

Anonymous Access Surveys

These were also built for Anonymous Access, i.e., to allow for anyone with a link to submit. To enable Anonymous Access, navigate to ‘Edit App’ on the left-side navigator, then navigate to the desired survey form and open the Form Designer. Select the ‘Anonymous’ tab on the top nav bar, turn Anonymous Access on, and generate/create a URL. Then save, and the survey is ready for Anonymous Access.

Updating the Sample Surveys App

Don’t forget, as well as being a fully functional app that’s ready to go, the Sample Surveys template app can also be a useful starting point for you to build from. If you want extra information tracked for your surveys or want additional views to sort them in different ways, you can make those updates yourself.

Updated on February 21, 2023
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