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Student Health Tracker

This app was developed during the COVID pandemic to help schools take a daily self-reported survey of whether students have any symptoms. Student records need to be created for each student that might need to create a daily health survey. The app was designed to be used with anonymous access, so that students and their parent could be sent a URL that they use each day to create a survey record for that day, which includes who the student is and the answers to the required health questions.

Anonymous Access Surveys

These were also built for Anonymous Access, i.e., to allow for anyone with a link to submit. To enable Anonymous Access, navigate to ‘Edit App’ on the left-side navigator, then navigate to the desired survey form and open the Form Designer. Select the ‘Anonymous’ tab on the top nav bar, turn Anonymous Access on, and generate/create a URL. Then save, and the survey is ready for Anonymous Access.

Student Health Tracker App Images

Updating the Sample Surveys App

Don’t forget, as well as being a fully functional app that’s ready to go, the Sample Surveys template app can also be a useful starting point for you to build from. If you want extra information tracked for your surveys or want additional views to sort them in different ways, you can make those updates yourself.

Updated on September 23, 2022

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