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Security: App Designers

We need to be able to define who should have the ability to change the design or settings of the application.

Users are not created in AppBuilder, but we do need to tell AppBuilder who should be a designer of the application. To do this we need to add the desired users as App Designers using this screen.

App Designers Screen

To add a new user as designer of the application, click on the + Add Designer button. You will then see the following dialog:

Create App Designer Dialog

Enter the user’s email address. Once enough of the address has been typed in to identify the user, their full email address will display just below the Enter Email field. Select the name. The role will be set as App Designer.

The person will receive an email message alerting them that they have been added to the App Designers for this application. Add any desired message text to the Email Message field


Demonstration Video

The following video outlines assigning application designers:


Updated on October 4, 2018

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