Security: App Users

Users are not created in GW Apps, but we do need to tell GW Apps who can use an application and what capabilities each user has in that application. The first step is to add the desired users to the application using the App Users screen.

To access the App Users screen, go to: Application Settings > App Users.

App Users Screen
App Users Navigation

To add a new user to the application, click on the + Add User button at the top of the users list. You will then see the following dialog:

Share (Add User) Dialog
Share App
Item Description
Enter Email Enter the user’s email address. Once enough of the address has been typed in to identify the user, their full email address will display just below the Enter Email field. Select the name.
Role Select the initial role the user should be added to. The user can be assigned additional roles after they are added to the app.
Email Message By default, the selected user will receive an email message alerting them that they have been added to the users for this application. The basic email contains all the requited information, but if you would like to add a specific message to this email, add the text to the Email Message field.
Skip sending an email to users If you don’t want the selected user to receive an email message, then check the ‘Skip sending an email to users’ option.

App Users Demonstration Video

The following video outlines assigning application users:

Next Steps

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Below is the link to the episode of Building an Expense Reports App tutorial series that include descriptions of setting up security:
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Updated on May 12, 2021

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