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The Email Layout defines the common visual design elements for all notification emails sent by your application’s workflows. You can define optional banner and footer content, and set the background color of each area. The subject and body content of each email notification will be defined by it’s Email Template in the related application.

Email Layout Editor

The Layout Editor is much simpler than the Email Template Editor, as there are far fewer things that you can define. You can add content (formatted text, images, tables, links, etc.) to the Banner area and the optional Footer area. You can use the menu bar at the top of the editor to change fonts, text size and color, add tables, images, links, and more.

Email Layout Editor
BannerThe Banner area appears immediately above the body content in the received emails. It’s a good place to put a graphical header or other visual elements. You can’t disable the Banner area, but if you don’t enter any content it will have no effect.
FooterThe Footer area appears immediately below the body content in the received emails. It’s a good place to put disclaimers or other legal messages. The Footer can be enabled/disabled from the right-side Email Theme Properties Panel. It must be enabled before you can enter content.
Email Theme Properties PanelHas settings for the background color of each area and to enable the Footer. It has the following settings:
  Email BackgroundThe overall background color. Just set this color, and leave the others blank, if you want to have an overall background color. If other background colors are set, the Email Background was still be visible as a border around the other colors.
  Banner BackgroundThe background color for just the Banner area.
  Body BackgroundThe background color for just the Body of the email.
  Enable Email FooterAllows you to enable/disable the Footer area.
  Footer BackgroundThe background color for just the Footer area.
Before leaving the Email Layout Editor, make sure you save any changes you have made by clicking the floppy disk icon in the top right corner of the editor.

Next Steps

As mentioned at the beginning, these settings only define some common visual elements fir your email templates. To learn more about creating email templates in your applications, click here.

Updated on June 28, 2022

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