Platform Settings Dashboard

Platform Settings allow a Super Administrator from your organization to configure options in the platform to best suit your organization. To access these settings, click either your account icon or the cogwheel icon in the top right corner and select Platform Settings.

Platform Settings Header Nav

The Platform Settings Dashboard will then be displayed:

Platform Settings Dashboard
Displays all of the Platform Settings sections and their descriptions.
UsersShows a list of all users with access to the platform, and allows you to add, update, and suspend users.
Shared RolesManage Shared Roles and members list.
App CreatorsManage who is allowed to create new applications, and who can access and modify the Platform Settings.
Security SettingsChange your login page logo, enable identity providers, allow sharing forms anonymously, and enable/disable API keys.
AppearanceManage your platform logo, select your platform theme, and create/manage application categories.
Email LayoutDefine the banner, disclaimer footer, and general design of all emails sent by your apps.
API KeysCreate API keys that allow you to manage users & roles. Great way to sync your directories to GW Apps.
InfoDisplays your company, contact, and whitelisted domain information.
AuditView history of platform events, such as creation, deletion, or copying of an application.
ReportsCreate, edit and manage platform level views. (Note: SLA Stats and the available reports are viewed via the Reporting page.)
Apps ManagementPublish/unpublish applications, manage App Designers, and view application audit history.
Updated on June 28, 2022

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