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Platform: Shared Roles

Shared Roles are global roles that can be used/referenced in any application. Normally, roles are created within an application, and users are added to the roles there. Shared Roles lets you create a role, populate it with users, and then reference that role (with it’s users) in your applications.

When you first open the ‘Share Roles‘ section, you will see a role called ‘All Domain Users‘. This role is automatically created, and it includes all users that have access to the platform (members are automatically updated), and it cannot be deleted.

Creating Shared Roles

To create a new role, select the ‘+ New Shared Role‘ button on the header bar.

Give the role a name and description (only a name is required), and select ‘Create‘ in the bottom right corner of the window. The Shared Role is created, but will be empty until you add users (directions below).

Managing Shared Roles

After creating a new role, select it to open a right-side panel. This is where you can add users to the role, view the list of applications currently using the role, and view basic information about the role.

The Members tab is used to manage the role’s users.

  • To add users to the role, begin typing a users name in the ‘Add new members‘ field and a drop-down will appear where you can select the desired user.
  • To remove users from the role, select the checkbox next to their name(s) and click the trashcan icon (which replaces the magnifying glass icon in the top right).

In the Apps tab, you may unlink the role from apps currently using it by clicking the unlink icon next to the app.

As an alternative to opening the right-side panel, you can access some quick options by hovering your mouse cursor over the role, which will display three icons on the far right.

  • The pencil icon allows you to edit the basic information about the role (‘Name’ and ‘Description’).
  • TheUsersicon in the middle lets you add users.
  • The trashcan icon is used to delete the role. You will not be able to delete a Shared Role if it has applications linked to it – you must first unlink all applications.

Importing Shared Roles

Once you’ve created a Shared Role, you can add the role to an application by opening the application in edit mode, navigating to ‘Roles & Users‘ on the left-side navigator, selecting ‘+ Import Shared Role‘, and choosing which role to import.

Updated on March 12, 2021

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