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Platform: Security Settings

The Security Settings section of the Platform Settings serves several purposes; this is where you manage and customize your Company Login Page, Login Details / Permissions, App Sharing Security, and API Access.

After making changes here, make sure you save by clicking the floppy disk icon in the top right corner of the editor before leaving the section.

Company Login Page Settings

Login Page Settings

The Logo here is the logo that will show on your platform login page. (File-types supported: png, jpeg, jpg, dimensions: 240×135 px suggested, and max file-size: 1MB.) Other platform logos, such as the logo displayed in the top left corner of the platform, and the logo displayed on your browser tabs, can be changed in the Appearance section.

Identity Providers lets you choose which sign in options you want to allow on your company login page. The options are:

  • Sign in with Google – Recommended if your team uses G Suite.
  • Sign in with Microsoft – Recommended if your team uses Microsoft 365.
  • Sign in with GW Apps account & password – Invited users will be able to create their own GW Apps account using their email to gain access to the platform.

Same Domain Login

Same Domain Login Settings

Enabling this feature allows anyone with an email matching any of your company’s Whitelisted Domains to login to GW Apps. Logging in this way automatically adds the user to the Users list. For example, when john.smith@example.com (who is not already a User) logs in GW Apps adds him to the Users list. This removes the need for Super Admins to manually add users. Disabling this feature grants Super Admins more control over who can login to GW Apps.

App Sharing Security

App Sharing Settings

This feature determines who App Designers can share applications with (add users to roles within their apps). There are three options under Sharing Policy:

  • Only Whitelisted Domains – Only users with domains matching one of your Whitelisted Domains (including users not added to your platform).
  • Any Domain – Add any domain to app roles (including users not on your platform yet).
  • Restricted – Only add existing GW Apps users to app roles (i.e., users already added to the platform).

Anonymous Access

Anonymous Access

Enabling this feature here gives App Designers the option to enable this feature in their applications, making the application form accessible by anyone with a link.

Disable API Access

API Settings

Enabling this feature will disable all API access to your platform, including all existing API Keys previously generated.

Updated on March 22, 2022

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