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5. Application Designer


The Application Designer is where the design and settings of the application are created and managed. The functions of the designer are split into 3 sections:

The Application Designer Navigator
Application Designer Menu
Main Top Area Create and edit Forms, Views, Email Templates, PDF Templates, Pages and Navigation. It also has the Data Migration wizard and Actions & Triggers.
Security To define which users have access tot he application and what they within the application. Includes Roles & Users to cover what users and do in the running application, and App Designers to cover who can edit the application’s design.
Other Includes options to launch the application to use it as an end user, change the app appearance and general settings, display a history of app design changes and security updates, and jump back to the Apps Dashboard.

Next Steps

Below are links to articles that cover the main areas of the Designer Navigator:
Forms Dashboard & Creating Forms
Views Dashboard & Creating Views
Pages Dashboard & Creating Pages
Below is the link to the episode of Building an Expense Reports App tutorial series that includes a description of the Designer Navigation:
Part 2 – Starting the Expense Reports App
Updated on May 12, 2021

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